Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Slow Start and Some Wonderful News

We've all been itching to get going on this project but spring has been so slow in coming this year and the weather has been far from cooperative until just recently. Last week I borrowed a branch lopper from the Toronto Tool Library and went to work on some of the over hanging branches - I had some help with the really high ones! On the edge of the lot there are a number of trees, mostly Manitoba maples, and one Norway maple. None of them are very well situated and the bulk of the branches have grown in one direction making many of them them lean rather precariously. Trimming back some of the branches will hopefully balance the weight a bit better and also allow more sunlight to reach the area we plan to garden in. So now the bulk of the smaller overhanging branches are gone but now there's a huge brush pile added to the debris that will need to be removed. If only we could have a bonfire...

On a positive note,  two delightful things occurred this week. We were chosen to receive a bursary of $750 from the Toronto Chapter of Landscape Ontario!! So we now have funds to purchase some of the much needed suppliers to build a raised bed garden. There will be some planning sessions in the next week to decide how best to use the funds, and now that the weather has improved we will finally be able to tackle the debris piles. Our other good new is that our newest member was born on Monday evening! Her name is Aurora and she will join her mom and big brother as part of our garden community.

There will be some more photos and updates once we get rolling!

The view from above

The view from above
looking down from the top of the stairs 2004